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Gourmet English Traditions

2 English Ladies offer their gourmet traditional English Curds and Traditional English Scone mixes, Shortbread, Royal Cream (their version of English Clotted or Devonshire Cream), and Speciality Teas made fresh every week. Delivered to your table with the finest ingredients, the freshest you will have besides making them yourself. They bring authentic recipes and traditional English products. You will be delighted by their style, presentation, and of course the genuine flavors. Be sure to check out all their products.



The word 'curds' may conjure an image of milk and cheese as in “Curds and Whey. Traditional English curds have no relationship with that image. English curds are a spread that dates back to the 1600's and is made out of the juice and zest of citrus fruit, sugar, eggs and butter.(Check out the story on “A Curd-ling Journey”). Use it on 2 English Ladies Traditional English scones, Shortbread, toast, bagels, pancakes, waffles, croissants, muffins, and so much more. They can be used as a pie filling or cake filling and topping, topping on cheesecake, ice cream and so on. Also use as a sauce for chicken, fish and shrimp. Made fresh every week, we pride ourselves in not using any preservatives or artificial additives, they are delightfully creamy. There are Lemon, Orange, Lime and Apple Cinnamon curds.


Royal Cream

Royal cream

There is nothing on earth like the Devon or Cornish Clotted Cream. However, that is a totally unique product of those two counties in the south west of England and cannot be exported.


All is not lost. We have developed our version of that product made only from genuine fresh cream that is so real and close to the original, one has difficulty tasting any difference. How fantastic, a freshly baked 2 English Ladies English Scone smothered in 2 English Ladies Curd with a BIG spoonful of 2 English Ladies Royal Cream on the top. Oh! So mouthwatering!




After many months of development the 2 English Ladies have done it again, absolute melt in the mouth 2 English Ladies shortbread. A delight on any occasion, perfect for any table, enchantment for any visitor. Just imagine a plate of 2 English Ladies Shortbread, covered with 2 English Ladies curd and topped with 2 English Ladies Royal Cream topped with raspberries and strawberries by a cozy fire and a 2 English Ladies speciality tea. What else in the world could you wish for?


Buckingham Palace
Garden Party Tea

This special tea is served at the Buckingham Palace Garden Parties each year given by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd. This speciality tea is a fragrant blend of 5 teas - Pure Ceylon, Earl Grey, Soft Jasmine, Malty Assam, Flavory Dimbula, and Ceylon East of Rift. A delightfully refreshing tea which makes a wonderful Ice Tea, but please don’t tell the English, they will scream at the thought of this used as iced tea!


Assam Bukhial Tea

This is a very exotic tea from the high mountains in Bagaland India.

Bukhial is a tea estate belonging to the world’s largest privately held tea plantation group. The rainfall is lower making the bushes grow slowly, producing an outstanding tea. For those that like a very full bodied tea with flavor and stringency and has ‘oomph’ in the cup - this is it! Companies only pack this tea for very special clients - an exceptionally exclusive tea full of antioxidants.




Scone mix

Scone MixExperience the unique taste our traditional English scones, so different from the ordinary hard, heavy and dense scone. They are light, fluffy, and not too sweet and very easy to make. You will be delighted when they are fresh out of the oven and topped with one of the 2 English Ladies curds and a spoon of our Royal Cream. They also freeze well to eat at a later date.


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