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Come with us on a wonderful journey of re-discovery.

We go back some 400 years to the lush green rolling hills of 17th century English county side. Nestled in a green meadow we spy a white painted brick farm cottage covered in a reed thatched roof. In the kitchen stands a solid wood table littered with pots and cooking utensils. The corner houses a big walk in fireplace with a pot hanging over the red hot flames of a brightly burning wood fire. A hard working farmer’s wife is making jams and preserves to sell at the local market. At the end of the table stands a wooden bucket full of freshly picked lemons.

The farmer’s wife looks at the lemons and questions if she will ever get the recipe right for lemon jam like the fresh strawberry, apricot, raspberry and blackberry jams she is so accustomed to making. Citrus fruit is so different to work with.

With persistency and dedication she keeps experimenting until one sunny day with great excitement she succeeds – not in making lemon jam – but creates something totally new - Lemon Curd is born. Yes REAL lemon curd with only fresh ingredients. The lemon fragrance fills the air – you can almost smell it as you read this story, can’t you.

Over the next few centuries lemon curd established itself as a great British tradition on English scones and muffins, in tartlets and cakes, in pies and deserts with the English afternoon tea.

We leap forward 400 years to the 20th and 21st centuries where the story takes a sad downward turn. Great factories and processing plants emerge and conveyer belts noisily wend their way from one end of the plant to the trucks in the loading bays at the other.

Change becomes a priority. No longer is the focus on the original, authentic purity and simplicity of the product, but on the economic production of it. Because it is driven by economics all the artificial cheaper alternative ingredients start to be introduced. Artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, artificial ingredients, artificial gelling agents, artificial preservatives, and so now the, so called ‘lemon curd’, can be produced faster, cheaper and stand on the store shelves longer.

The relationship between the original, authentic lemon curd and what is passed off in today’s supermarkets as ‘lemon curd’ is almost unrecognizable. If you look closely at the ingredients of this so called ‘lemon curd’ in your the grocery store, you will see the vast majority are full of alternative ingredients and only contain around 7% of lemon juice and that is from concentrate or lemon oil and not pure lemon juice.

But wait – all is not lost.

Again we go back in time - not quite so far - to the late 1950’s to a naval town on the south coast of England, where an English mother gives her daughter an old English recipe for original, authentic Lemon Curd just like the farmer’s wife made. Over the following years the daughter makes this wonderful original, lemon curd to the great delight of her friends and to the immense enjoyment of her own husband and children and once again that Lemon fragrance fills the air. At Christmas time she makes it as unusual, wonderful, out of the ordinary gifts for family and friends.

We move forward in time and location from England to the picturesque town of Chico in Northern California. It is the fall of 2009 and this daughter is making this real lemon curd, from the same original recipe that her mother gave her back in the late 1950’s, as a fund raiser for her granddaughter’s church trip to Mexico.

2 English Ladies

The "WOW" factor was so amazing from all who purchased it. No-one had tasted anything like it. With urgent encouragement the journey of re-discovery of real Lemon Curd takes another major step forward in the February of 2010 with the passing on of that original, authentic Lemon Curd recipe to the next generation. Now with mother Pat and daughter Claire, the infant company called 2 English Ladies was founded.

There are no alternative ingredients or artificial additives, no artificial coloring or preservatives, (who really wants that stuff any way) there are no winding conveyor belts or loading docks. The 2 English Ladies use a commercial kitchen to make the gourmet curds fresh every week. They personally prepare, blend, stir and cook the curd to exactly the right consistency – by hand.

They jar, label and refrigerate personally. Yes they could use alternative and cheaper ingredients but their commitment and dedication is to that authentic original gourmet recipe to maintain that exceptional ‘Wow’ taste. They sell their curds at the markets, major gourmet fairs and shows personally and also supply local stores. They have also introduced their gourmet, English Scone Mix, Royal Cream, Shortbread and Speciality Teas Online.

Using the same basic gourmet recipe, Pat and Claire have also developed Orange, Lime, and Apple Cinnamon curd to compliment the traditional Lemon curd along with their original English dry scone mix. Added to that is their Royal Cream which is their purely natural version of the world famous English Clotted Cream or Devonshire Cream, accompanied by a very special blend of tea called Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea (Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd offers this speciality tea at her official garden parties,) along with their Traditional Shortbread. Now you have everything for an authentic English gourmet afternoon tea. There is also a unique exotic addition to their tea range which is a stronger black tea called Assam Bukhial.

They are not trying to compete with the big processors and producers. Their aim is to provide the authentic to the discerning customer, those who desire the real instead of the artificial, who deserve the genuine gourmet instead of the substitute.

So the original Lemon Curd born over 400 years ago is re-discovered again and is alive and well in a small town in Northern California made personally by 2 genuine English Ladies. It is available to you today along with their expanding range of speciality products all made from genuine English recipes.